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"What the rest of TC did for us promoters was not out of pity or obligation, but out of their hearts to care for us."

- Neo Jing Xuan, TC Brand Ambassador

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the owners of TC Acoustic are launching an initiative — #TCcares.

In this time of need, we want to Take Care of our people — especially our freelance promoters and even ex-promoters.

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Our promoters are not just employees, they are family.

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- Tan Seow How and Cecilia Chan

Owners and Directors of TC Acoustic

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Under the #TCcares initiative, majority of our promoters and even ex-promoters 

who are struggling financially will receive

a payout equivalent to

How is #TCcares funded?

of their monthly pay,

depending on how affected they are.

Funded by the

owners, management and employees of

TC Acoustic

TC Acoustic will match

dollar-for-dollar our employees'


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