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Daryn Goh

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It has been 2 weeks since all of us stopped working at stores as part-time TC promoters.

But over the last week, myself, among many others were invited to a call with my manager. For a lot of us, working in TC is our only source of allowance. But our senior Pastor How and Pastor Lia (who are also the owners of TC) thought of a solution to help us: SPs and the TC management team came together to start #TCcares. It is an initiative that paid the part-time promoters and even some ex part-timers 50% to 100% of our monthly pay depending on how affected we are by COVID-19. More than that, what really touched me was that many of the full time staff contributed their pay, their Solidarity Budget payout, to this initiative... So much that they reached the required amount within 2 hours. On top of that, TC matched dollar for dollar for whatever the staff contributed. Personally, I do not take any allowance from my dad because even for us as a family, things are not looking great financially. My dad is also working as a part-time Grab driver to earn as much as he can. What’s more, with the whole COVID-19 situation, Grab drivers are affected so much. Once when he picked me up from work, he commented that my commission was more that whatever he earned through Grab on that day. Hearing that placed a bigger burden in my heart to work more so that I can have enough savings for myself and for my university school fees, and at the same time support my dad with whatever I can. It has not been easy... But that is why when I was given 100% of my monthly pay, more than just a monetary relief, I saw and felt the heart of why SPs treated TC as no ordinary business. I am just a part-timer but everything I have received, makes me feel as though I have been working on staff for years. There is just no business that treats every person like that. SPs and the TC management have always emphasised that we are a Christian business... we are Christians first, then businessmen or promoters. While many companies are cutting costs, terminating contracts, TC is doing the exact opposite! SPs shared, “TC takes care of our own”. We weren’t just extra hands and feet for the company. We were treated as though we were family. Even as I type this post.. I can’t help but tear by the heart that SPs and the entire TC staff has. They have always shared that TC is a Christian business with Christian values. I remember SP How posting an article about how the Business world and Church world don’t have to clash.. but they can work together to bless and spread love of God. SP’s words were, “I make money from the world(business) to give to church, I don’t make money from church members so that I can enjoy the world.”. Thank you Christian, Regine, Jian Ming, and Valerie for making this happen... For every TC staff who gave.... And SPs again, for living for others even in the busiest season of life. I am at a loss for words but also inspired by how you people over profit.

Because of all of you... I can have a safety net for this ‘rainy’ season and support my family with what I can too.

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