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Gallen Tay

My mom and I are the only sources of income for our family. This season, my mom lost her job, and because of the Circuit Breaker measures, I lost my job as a promoter too. At the start of April, my previous month's promoter pay came in on time, and with the Temporary Relief Fund, I could still help to pay the bills for April. But what I was worried about was May. . Then, my manager called some of us and told us about #TCcares! I couldn’t stop tearing when I heard about it! Now, my family doesn't have to worry so much this period. I am just so thankful to everyone in TC, especially my company owners and directors, Pastor How and Pastor Lia. It's not just a nice saying when they say that they don't use people to build the company, but they use the company to build people. It's something they live out. This is truly Everyone's Favourite Company!

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