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Neo Jing Xuan

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

With retail stores closed during this Circuit Breaker, the part-time promoters would be jobless for this period. More than that, the ambassadors/promoters were all under 21 years old and would not be eligible for the Solidarity Budget payout. The next thing I heard was something that left me speechless: Our owners and full-time staff decided to use their $600 Solidarity Fund to give to promoters AND ex-promoters through the initiative called #TCcares! I was so shocked. They knew that some of us would be affected and wouldn't have enough for ourselves. Hence, they wanted to give it to us to have savings and because we are one FAMILY. Without knowing our backgrounds, my company owners and the management team cared enough to take care of us because we worked with them. In TC Acoustic, one of our core values that has been emphasised over time is Care. Seeing how this is reflected on our bosses, staff and interns really inspire me to live the same way for others. No company in the world, would pay their staff for not working. But in TC, it is always about people. What they did was not out of pity or obligation, but out of their hearts to care for us. As for me, my entire family holds the PR status in Singapore. As such, we are not eligible for any payout that the Government has provided for the nation. Hearing this news from my owners and the management team made me so touched and so grateful. I'm so grateful to be in TC. It is really a privilege to be able to work in this company. Unseen and unheard of -the most caring and others-centred bosses!

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