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Thank you for the contributions! I personally don't need the fund but hearing this is so heart warming, inspiring and mindset shifting! Everything that TC is built on really showcased during this Covid19 situation! Even in this situation, the TC team did not become more self absorb but we are more selfless! No other company will do this and there is no necessary need because there is the government's help but TC went above and beyond to look out for each and every individual. This quality of this company changes mindsets and inspires many ! I would want to start a business that has the same qualities as TC! 

- Sheng Yao

This initiative shows me that we are a first a Christian before anything else. The selflessness of SPs and TC staff paved the way for many to be financially secure amidst this situation. The heart behind wanting TC to be a safe haven for its employees, especially for the youths is shown through this act. As someone who has been working in this company for a few months, it makes me think, “ who am I that SPs and TC staff would care for me and be concerned over my needs?” Most companies would take advantage of the youths or would prioritise the full-timers, but TC is different, it is a company founded on Christian values and is set apart from the world. Thank you for being a true ambassador of Christ and I know that because God is with us, we will not labour in vain.

- Yeo Hui Qing

Hello Team! You guys are super amazing ... really grateful and privileged to have been able to be part of this team! To SPs, Management, Staff and Interns, to everyone who contributed to TC Cares, this season, while everyone lived with fear, I saw how everyone responded in faith and love. While its normal to hold back, all of you gave even more. And I was only one out of the dozens who were blessed by the generosity and sacrifice of the team! All of you epitomized what "Everyone's Favorite Company" means, and also showed us in action with what it means to be part of a family. You guys did not have to give, but did so out of love and compassion - its remarkable, and we have been very very touched! 😭🥺

-Nigel Lim

Dear SPs, TC Staff, TC Interns, 
Thank You from the bottom my Heart! I can't express how Grateful to be part of this family called TC! Because of your Contributions, It has definitely changed lives of Promoters that are in need of this fund that is made out of your contributions you all made! For every cent that has been contributed, it is a part of the history of building individuals that one day we promoters look back from this season, TC is not just any ordinary company, IT IS a Home with family members with a common purpose! And not forgetting SP How and SP Lia for introducing this TCcares Initiative! When Circuit Breaker struck, First thought that came to mind was What was going to happen to us promoters, and would we have enough to survive through this Circuit Breaker Period.( I broke down after the Zoom call after hearing that what was on your mind was us promoters.) 
Years down the road I will always remember this, as not just a company that helped me, but a Family that helped me through this History Making Circuit Breaker Season.
I can't emphasize this enough but Thank You from the bottom of my Heart! And God Bless All of Y'all!!!!

- Jonathan See

Hello to everyone who really contributed and made this whole initiative happened.. It really blessed my family and released a huge burden off our shoulders financially. Thank you so much for sacrificing even your Solidarity Budget payout, you own salary, just so that me and many of us part-time promoters can make it through this season.

You guys, along with SPs have really shown what it really means to be a Christian first, then a businessman or salesperson or accountant. I am so thankful that I belong the best team, the best company in the world! It is more than just a place where I have grown in my skills as a communicator.. it is a place where I have seen and grown in my heart for people and the things of God.

As a TC ambassador, I am inspired to continue to shine the light of Jesus through the business because of all of you! Thank you to everyone again, feeling so loved and touched this season!!!

- Daryn Goh

A super HUGE Thank YOU to SPs, staffs and interns for launching this initiative to help people like us to tide through this season..! You guys didn't need to do this but it was out of your hearts for us that this initiative was birth forth! Super grateful to everyone who even gave your gov funds just for this initiative and we are so so priviledged to be part of this team...!!! Where we don't just treat each other like normal colleagues/friends but we are family.

When everyone in other companies were trying to save/cut their losses in fear... TC decided to respond in faith! Because of that, i have many promoter friends that saw this post and were super wowed that despite us not being able to work, we would still receive pay..! This is why TC's "EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE COMAPNY" and it is why i wouldn't want to trade this job for anywhere else!

This is where i was taught, trained and believed in over the past 3 years of working in TC... truly TC don't just say that "we are first christians than promoters/salesmen." but TC really showed us what the phrase actually means.. where TC does the important(people) not the impressive! 

Lastly, I just want to say that this initiative has really helped not just me but my family to tide through this season! Super grateful to everyone that gave!!! 

- Sumiko Lee

Thank you SPs and the TC staff for contributing to TCcares! This money came really timely and it will really helped me through this season especially with the extension of Circuit Breaker! I was really very touched by all of your hearts to give! Truly in TC and church, we’re all family!

- Si Hui

thankful for TC and the contributors who really made all of this possible. personally i am so touched by what TC has done. in a time of crisis, they are not just looking out for themselves but they are looking out for their staffs and promoters. TC didnt give the some of money out of pity to me, but they gave it because they just want to treat us as family and care for us !

- Chua Jia Jun

Thank you SPs, the staff team for really thinking of the promoters and contributing, it really means a lot to all of us!! I really feel like I'm part of a family that cares and looks out for each other.. In this time of crisis, everyone is looking to cut cost & save but TC is helping promoters in need. Really see the heart of love and selflessness in this company! What a privilege to be in TC!! 

- Goh Xin Yi

these stories are just so touching and inspiring. It shows standards, the kind of employer i'd want to become in the future. Looking out for employees rather than profits first, i believe that this is why all the promoters, and even ex-promoters like me are so proud to be part/to have been part of the company. 

- Narci Lim

Thank you SPs and TC Staff and Interns! So touched and blessed by how you all are still looking out for our promoters even in this tough situation! While other companies are trying to cut their loses TC is thinking of way to help and bless promoters! Truly blessed to be working for the best company!

- Damien

I'm just so so grateful for SPs, for launching this initiative and for all the staff that contributed in this as well! Thank you for looking out for us in this season and covid situation! Truly in TC we are not just any other employee but we are family. It's really a privilege to be working in TC! Grateful and thankful to be part of everyone's favourite company!! ◡̈ 

- Isabel

A big thank you to SPs, TC staff and intern! This season may not be the easiest to love and care about others but all of you still did!! Really feel so loved but at the same time inspired to increase my capacity in loving others in this season too! It is truly such a privilege to be working in the everyone's favourite company where we are all family and look out for one another! 

- Regine Toh

I just wanted to thank SPs and  all the TC staff i am very grateful for yall your heart for others all of your really live out our HOGC DNA and really helped out a lot of people me included i just want to thank all of you again in this tough times!! especially SPs who first suggested to pay all the TC promoters their average pay even if we went working this season!! thank you everyone so much!!!

- Gallen Tay

Thank you SPs, Tc staff & the interns for the generosity of your hearts! In times where everyone looks out for themselves, TC has proven otherwise. So so thankful to be working in TC, more than just being equipped with trainings & audio knowledge, we first hand witnessed what TC truly values; our own people. 

- Adriel Toh

Just so thankful for TC! It is not the easiest season for everyone, but you all still took the extra step to love others and look out for part-timers like me!!! TC is truly not just a company, but a family which I hold dear to!! Its my privilege to be in everyone's favourite company!

- Thomas Lim

Thank you so much SPs, Staffs and Interns for giving to TCcares! This is a season where every company is backing out and getting pay cuts but you guys wanted to bless us and take care of us! I'm grateful to be able to work in TC and along side everyone else! It's really a privilege to be a part of this family!! 

- Zion Tan

Thank you SPs, Staffs and Interns for all that you've given to TCcares! It is a tough season for everyone, but out of the generosity and love from your hearts, we are treated as family - where we take care of each other! I'm so grateful to be part of TC!!! 

- Nicole Lee

This is incredible! While Most companies are retrenching staff, or asking staff to take unpaid block leaves, TC is actually helping these freelancers and part-timers financially. No wonder TC prides themselves in being Everybody's Favourite Company. Kudos to the directors and staff who carried people on their hearts like family & personally contributed. Amazed that there are companies with such a big heart out there. Faith in humanity restored!

- Dexter Tan

Just want to take this time to thank everyone who have contributed to this to make it possible despite it being a period of uncertainty you still gave willingly  Thank SPs for intativing this idea so you guys can still pay the freelance promoters out of the heart of loving so we don't need to worried about our finances. This is why i am grateful to be part of this team

- Marson Wee

Thank you everyone from contributing to this initiative. So thankful for SPs and the management for thinking for us and making this initiative happen. So amazed by the heart behind this initiative. It's always people over profits. TC is really more than just a job but is its FAMILY. So grateful to be part of this family and it's a privilege to be able to work in everyones favourite company.

- Macus Tun

Thank you everyone who contributed to this #TCcares initiative! It's so amazing to see how a company chooses to take care of its people before its profits. This is going on the endless list of things that I have received whilst in this company. It's so amazing to see how everyone in this company is aligned in their values, how they carry people in their hearts and how everyone is so others-centred. Can't wait to come back and keep building this company with everyone! Forever grateful! :) 

- Brian Tay

I would like to say thank you towards all the people who have contributed towards the TCCare fund. Really thankful for SP's heart to want to take care of every single promoters in this season, it's a privilege to be working in the best company where everyone is a family. 

- Kelvin

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SPs and all the staff in the company who contributed this initiative to lift up our burdens during this period. Also, thank you Jian Ming for taking out your time to share this initiative with a group of us and even encouraged us on Zoom during this season. Simply left me speechless after hearing this that night. Personally, I was so moved and touched. It inspires me to do the same and carry the same heart for others. 😢️

- Matthew Sim

I am so thankful for all of you who contributed!! In a time where staff are getting laid off and seeing my own friends' internships being nulled, you guys did the exact opposite! As one of the many who received from this, thank you for contributing not just to me but to my family as well! My family relies on my dad, who is in Malaysia, for income and now that Malaysia is in a lockdown, our finances took a hit. (Update: Malaysia is opening up economically! YAYYY) But with TC Cares, I am not just able to provide for myself but to give to my family as well! To SPs, the full timers and the interns who contributed, thanks for showing me what is it like to be part of a family! Not just in this instance but for the 1+ year I have been a part of TC as well! To be honest, till now I'm still so lost for words and all I can say is thank you!

- Jeremy Teo

Thank you everyone for contributing towards the TCare initiative!! When I first joined TC, I only planned to work so that I can have some cash to support myself so that my parents don’t have to worry about my finances. So when I was one of the many who received this fund, I was beyond shocked! I love that even us freelance promoters are family in the business, this is one of a kind! I’m so grateful to be able receive this fund, That even in this season, you are still giving and helping the people in need! It is such a privilege to be part of this family! Lastly, I can’t say enough “thank you”s for helping me in this season! My heart is full of gratitude!!

- Wen Jie

Thank you everyone for contributing to TC cares!! Really Super grateful and touched by the initiatives T^T It’s really touching and unheard of to see how a company would step out to help us freelance promoters in tough times like this! Really Super grateful to be one of them who received from this initiative. Really very touched and inspired by how the company takes care of people first over profits! 

This fund really allowed me to be assured that I would have enough to get by in the coming months too! Really a big thank you to everyone in TC for giving out your hearts to love people too! It’s really a privilege to be part of this amazing family!! 

- Priscilla Koh

Thank you everyone for contributing for TC Cares! It really helped and supported many of us through this season! Personally i was so worried financially when circuit breaker started but when i heard about this initiative i was so moved! From SPs to even the Intern giving for this initiative I am just so privilege to be working in a company where we are a family together! 

This initiative is something i will remember for life... it will be the story i share with future TC promoters. This will go down in history in TC and many of us will remember this season. 

Once again, Thank you everyone who had contributed to this initiative! Can’t wait for store to reopen again to fight for the sales together!! 

- Gibson Khew

Thank you TC Team for taking care of us promoters! You guys are really inspiring, going above and beyond the call of duty in your giving! When I heard about this initiative and how everyone pitched in to support this TC family, I was so touched! While the world shrunk back during this season out of fear, you guys went forward and gave. And hearing all the stories about people being impacted through this initiative, SP's hearts are really reaching the people they want to bless! 

I'm just one of the many who were blessed by this, but I know that this is something special that we have at TC and we cannot take this for granted! So thank you TC team for your giving and showing us what it means to "take care of our own!" 

- Zhen Qian

When the TCcares initiative was first launched, i was so moved and inspired that everyone had raised so much just to fund for the part time ambassadors! No other actions were needed! This clearly shows how much even the staff treats everyone like family and really support each other out there. I would really like to thank everyone that had contributed to the fundings! It really is touching to even witness it! So encouraged and inspired by the generosity of everyone that gave 😭😭😭

This is something unheard of and i this has left a mark on my life that i would also be grateful for!!

- Eugene Tan

Thank you everyone who contributed to the initiative, and for SP’s and the staff to have started and included me and others ! 


It’s really amazing and heartwarming how SPs’ hearts and thoughts are for the people, it truly shows what it means to be a Christian first then a business person. 


Personally I am very grateful and touched that even as an ex- promoter, they still remembered me and included me in this initiative. 


So heartwarming to know that there are a lot of good people that are selfless, that are willing to share with what they have by contributing to the TC Cares fund.


Church and TC is home, it always has been and it always will be, it excites me more that everything that church and TC has taught us is being put to work in this season, and that I can’t wait to come back to TC to build the church and build the business alongside all of you! 


Thank you for having the heart for others to everyone who contributed ! It is an honor and privilege to be part of this family and to be working alongside you all. 

- Senado